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Water Remediation and Vitalisation

Penergetic-w is an additive for stimulating the biology of the water and to boost its self-cleaning properties.

It activates the naturally available biology in the water. This enables a more efficient breakdown of organic matter and effectively prevents deterioration of the water.

At the same time the activity of water filtering microorganisms is enhanced resulting in improved clarity.

Penergetic-w also reduces algae growth to a natural level. By creating an aerobic milieu, unpleasant odours caused by putrefaction are reduced.


  • IMPROVED WATER CONDITIONS - improves the water condition and quality, and supports water’s self-cleaning capacity of on-farm water sources. It controls algae and activates microorganisms and provides biological stimulation for surface, waste and ground water.
  • A NATURAL APPROACH TO AQUATIC REBALANCING - Often treatment of water bodies is directed at eradicating a symptomatic condition, e.g. eliminate unsightly algae. Frequently this is by chemical means and no attempt is made to address the underlying cause of the eutrophic condition which prompted the problem situation to develop in the first place. Penergetic-w works to naturally re-establish the ecological equilibrium in an aquatic environment to return it to a healthy state, so that any previous detrimental conditions are overcome and avoided in the future. This provides biological stimulation for surface water, waste water and ground water.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE WATER REMEDIATION - All ingredients of Penergetic-w are 100% natural. Penergetic-w treats the causes, not the symptoms, of an imbalanced aquatic environment. It provides customised information tailored to specific applications and has been proven effective and in use for over twenty years.


Stabilises the natural ecological equilibrium in a pond or dugout and improves water quality and clarity. Re-establishes oxygenation and pond microorganism activity use during vegetation phase at water temperature above 8 degrees Celsius. Best applied in the spring/early summer, when full water layer circulation/mixing is evident.


Works to activate pond microorganisms, reduces the build-up of organic matter and nutrients and increases the aesthetic appearance of aquatic features. Promotes natural decomposition of organic material (e.g. bottom debris). Supports the natural decomposition and self-cleaning capacity in sewerage. Stimulates an aerobic process and activation of microorganisms. Moderates and controls BOD and COD levels. Stabilises the system’s microbiology and curtails odour occurrences. Creates a more homogenous waste water. Provides aquatic resource with self-cleaning capabilities.

In addition to municipal (local government) systems, the Penergetic approach to wastewater treatment can also be used in commercial or industrial settings where there is a lagoon or waste water stream requiring treatment.

Use during vegetation phase when water temperature is not more than 12degrees C.


Water wells, springs, cisterns and drinking water reservoirs can often lack a self-cleaning ability to biologically convert various potentially contaminating substances, characterised by poor water quality lacking vitality, contaminated with harmful bacteria — nutrient contamination (i.e. ammonium, nitrite, nitrate) - presence of iron or manganese.


Control of water borne germs and contamination with harmful bacteria stimulates an aerobic process and activation of microorganisms. Supports the natural decomposition and self-cleaning capabilities in the groundwater. Biologically stabilises the water supply and activates the natural life processes in the water. Assists in metabolising various nutrients and contaminants in the water. Addresses issues related to nitrogen contamination.

For maximum effectiveness where water is to be used for domestic water supply, for livestock or other uses requiring a high quality of water, Penergetic-w for groundwater should be used in conjunction with an AquaKat product.

AquaKat provides holistic water vitalisation – spring water quality from your tap. Works without chemicals – provides hardness stabilisation and lime homogenisation – 

breakdown of existing lime deposits – no rust or red discolouration. Suitable for home, agriculture and industry, AquaKat is easily fitted and maintenance free.

Penergetic W water
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