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Liquid manure/slurry additive

Penergetic-g turns liquid manure into a valuable fertiliser

The purpose of Penergetic-g is to transform the problematic substance slurry into a high-quality and cost-effective fertiliser. As Penergetic-g starts taking effect, the costs for stirring will be reduced and spreading the slurry will become easier.

Why Penergetic-g

Slurry often brings about additional costs, even if it is a natural fertiliser that can be spread when needed. Spreading the slurry is often complicated because of floating layers, and loss of plant nutrients must be compensated with fertiliser. Also, the smell is a major problem and flies are an annoying consequence.

Suitable for dairy, hog and other livestock liquid manure, Penergetic-g acts as a catalyst to naturally create an aerobic condition in the slurry, activating beneficial microbes which transform the slurry into a nutrient rich organic fertiliser.

This is far more beneficial than the more commonly occurring and problematic untreated (anaerobic) manure or slurry.

Specific parts of oxygen and mineral information are transferred to the product. This information leads to an optimisation of the slurry's consistency, making it homogeneous and free-flowing and helps the slurry to break down the sediment and floating layers.

The aerobic conversion process (rotting state) also leads to a reduction in odour emissions. The optimised consistency and the rotting state make the slurry more valuable in terms of its fertilising effect and less aggressive (less scorching). The slurry is also more readily absorbed after spreading.

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General - Penergetic G Manure/Slurry
Calcium Carbonate Bucket 3 kg || 12 kg
Calcium Carbonate Bag 10 kg || 25 kg
Molasses Canister 2.5 litre || 10 litre || 600 litre
Penergetic G Slurry
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