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Restructures & revitalises water source to Spring Water

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AquaKat delivers SPRING QUALITY WATER straight from your tap!

The new, revolutionary patented technology of AquaKat is truly unique and comes with many advantages. But how does it work?

AquaKat is an energetic physical water treatment device which emits a previously programmed and charged frequency into the water. A system that re-vitalises water, optimising quality and taste.

The AquaKat relies on resonance. Water has a memory, can respond to certain frequencies, and can store and process these. Penergetic patented technology copies the frequencies of high-quality spring water, oxygen and minerals on to carrier materials. These carrier materials are then encased within the AquaKat.

The transmission of this programmed information within the AquaKat to the target water uses 'transfer of resonance' effect, causing the water to vibrate and come into resonance, altering the molecular behaviour (cluster) of the water. This process does not consume the energy of the AquaKat in any way which just keeps on working.

The AquaKat can be beneficially used anywhere there is water that is used or consumed by humans, animals or plants. As the original information of natural spring water is restored any harmful information in the target water being energetically cancelled. If the water is contaminated or contains harmful substances, these should be removed first using filters, reverse osmosis etc. The water can then be vitalised using the AquaKat again.

It is sufficient to mount the device on the water pipe (no plumbing required) in order for resonance energy transfer to be effective upon the water as a result of the frequencies AquaKat has been charged with (e.g. place AquaKat next to a water container or drinking bottle).

AquaKat removes lime and rust build up

One benefit of water revitalizing with the AquaKat is that lime build–up inside water pipes becomes dissolved and does not re-form. The reason for this is that the water regains its natural capability to hold dissolvent mineral substances as microscopic particles – 200 to 300 times smaller than before. This means that lime does not build up on pipes. 
In hot water tanks, hot water heating systems, appliances or in commercial, industrial or agricultural operations, especially where water is recirculated or heated, lime scale can form. Similarly, rust in steel pipes is dissolved and then washed away like other substances in the water, instead of accumulating or staining fixtures.

• Lime homogenisation

• Protection of water pipes and household appliances

• Less aggressive and less corrosion, protects against rust 

• Increased solubility capacity of water to absorb dissolved substances

• Increased hygiene and sanitation as sedimentation does not build up in pipes

• Permanent function – water retains vitality even when stationery (not flowing ) in pipes

Swimming Pool Capacities

The following table is to be used as a rough guide only. The exact number of AquaKats will be determined for each individual project separately.

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Humans – Plants – Agriculture – Commercial

  • Spring quality healthy pH balanced water from your tap
  • Better assimilation of water
  • Water remains fresh for longer time
  • Lime and other deposits easier to remove and eliminate
  • Less effort when cleaning
  • No installation costs – Maintenance FREE
  • No energy consumption – neither magnetic nor electric
  • No interference with water pipes
  • The economical solution to your lime scale problem
  • Optimal vitalisation of filtered water
  • Sizes to suit every purpose – residential, commercial, & agriculture
  • Swiss Patented Technology made in Switzerland
  • Five year structural warranty on processing and materials
  • 30 day money back guarantee


In Plant Cultivation:

  • Better nutrient uptake
  • Stronger plant growth
  • Contribution to increased yield
  • Reduced fertiliser use
  • Supports sustainability

In livestock:

  • Increased water intake
  • Increased performance
  • Additives dissolve better
  • Reduced contamination of drinkery
  • Supports sustainability

The Aquakat changes the water in such a way that the water molecules in combination with the chemical ingredients create small water cluster structures “hexahedrons” [like snowflakes].

These water clusters transport the ingredients better into the metabolic system of the organism, making the chemical agents even more effective. This leads to a considerable reduction of spraying agents.


  • Optimisation of additives – cost savings
  • Reduced need for cleaning – shorter downtimes
  • Maintenance free
  • Also works in stagnant water
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
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