Penergetic products are natural additives that provide a complete solution for agriculture based on natural biotechnology.

Our products support and strengthen weakened environmental processes with lasting stability. Not only do Penergetic products deal with the symptoms, they go right to the root cause of the problem.

Sustainable and intelligent approaches to agriculture benefit from the biostimulation of Penergetic technology.

Product applications:

  • Plants - effectively boosts the quality, health & yield of plants.
  • Animals - feed supplements to promote health & wellbeing.
  • Slurry/Manure - creates an aerobic, nutrient-rich organic fertiliser.
  • Compost - accelerates decomposing and improves the in-barn environment.
  • Soil - activates healthy soil & nutrient availability.
  • Water - stimulates the natural biology of the water (drinking water, ponds/lakes, reservoirs, trough systems etc) - for agriculture, residential, commercial/industrial use.
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The Penergetic technology

The Penergetic technology is based on physical principles. Everything in life, including growth and actions, are not possible without electrical impulses and magnetic waves. The realisation that every atom, molecule, compound and substance has its own electromagnetic frequency led to the development of the Penergetic technology.

We are able to program selected frequencies to suitable materials under controlled conditions of electromagnetic induction. This leads to a modified electron status of the material, which was treated with the Penergetic technology. The programming is not limited to single frequencies or characteristics, several frequencies can be combined simultaneously on one product.

The Penergetic products emit the selected electromagnetic frequencies to the area of application and generate a desired effect.

Agricultural solutions

In agriculture, desired improvements such as better growth or resistance, can be stimulated with Penergetic products.

This biostimulation strengthens the whole organism and leads to an optimal use of the available resources, and to an increase in quantity and quality of the products.

Sustainable agriculture – creating a better future

Sustainable agriculture and biological farming are interchangeable terms often used to describe an approach to farming that considers the interrelationship between soil, plants and animals in a closed-loop system of nourishment. Sustainable agriculture seeks to support economic viability, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. 

Penergetic products embody these same principles - by taking a sustainable approach to agriculture, farm manure is optimised, soil fertility is strengthened, animal health is naturally supported and plants are fortified.

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